When a marriage is strained, the whole family suffers. Marital conflict can feel overwhelming, isolating, and hopeless. We come to know our partners so well and our communications styles are so automatic, that we sometimes find ourselves deep in conflict with lighting speed! At Green Leaf we help couples slowdown and become aware of how they relate to each other. We teach couples how to communicate what they feel and ask for what they want from each other, in a way that is safe, loving, and supportive. We give each partner the skills necessary to manage one's own thoughts and emotions, both as an individual as well as in the couple relationship. We help partners learn to collaborate and work together as a team to take on tough challenges in parenting or otherwise.

At Green Leaf we take pride in offering services to all forms of romantic partnerships. 

parenting special needs

Many parents are raising children who need care above and beyond what is typical. Whether physical or psychiatric in nature, caring for special needs can be overwhelming and isolating. At Green Leaf, we provide a supportive environment that can help parents develop a healthy relationship with their emotional experiences, work through tough decisions, and put into practice realistic self-care plans.  We work collaboratively with other clinicians in the treatment team to ensure that everyone's efforts are aligned to meet the needs of the family as a whole.