serving both children and adults

Many different variables can interfere with a child’s ability to learn in his or her academic setting. Whether it’s a difference in learning style, challenges in executive functioning skills (planning, organization, emotional/behavioral control), anxiety, and/or depression, the Educational Psychologists at Green Leaf are here to help! During an intake session with one of our clinicians, she will learn about your child’s struggles and work with you to formulate a plan. Recommendations may include parent education, assessment, and/or intervention services directly with your child.


At Green Leaf, our Licensed Educational Psychologists use cutting-edge instruments to conduct psychoeducational evaluations. These assessments help our clients understand their own personal learning profile which is then used to generate whole-life recommendations, tailored specifically to individual needs and learning/working environments.  

Evaluations typically include:

assessment of cognitive ability
assessment of processing skills
assessment of social/emotional skills
academic record review
interviews with parents, teachers, caregivers
student interview
real-life observations
recommendations for home and school

The results of this evaluation provide a key to understanding how an individual acquires and processes new information. This information and resulting recommendations are an invaluable resource for academic and occupational planning, now and in the years to come. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a condition that has been the subject of considerable debate. With the number of individuals diagnosed every year on the rise, people begin to question, how do we know if someone really has ADHD? In order to answer this question, it is crucial to have a proper evaluation by a highly qualified professional that specializes in ADHD. At Green Leaf, our clinicians believe it is essential to have a computer-based, objective measure to consider in combination with rating forms and other appropriate assessments. 


A successful education includes more than academics. Non-academic factors such as persistence, resilience, self-control, flexibility, and effective communication are crucial in cultivating success. Developing these behaviors can be a difficult task for both adults and children. Parents these days are bombarded by information from specialists and experts, all telling us how we should or should not teach our children. It can be difficult to know what the right path is for your child. Often ideas that sound good on paper can be confusing and overwhelming to put into practice! At Green Leaf we translate theory to real-life and use evidence-based strategies to develop a comprehensive positive behavior plan that is a custom fit for you. 

At Green Leaf we help people develop executive-functioning skills. Whether or not you have an ADHD diagnosis, we help our clients build strategies to support and grow skills around:

Time Management
Focus and Attention
Task Management
Emotional Control
Impulse Control

Being able to collaborate and communicate effectively with others are key ingredients in becoming successful. Sometimes individuals benefit from extra teaching and practice to develop these necessary skill sets. At Green Leaf, social skills training provides hands-on experience navigating social relationships and teaches individuals to work effectively with their peers.

Ongoing support

We are committed to providing our clients comprehensive support. We provide wrap-around services both in and out of our office. There are many players in an academic setting and getting everyone on the same page can be challenging. With our specialized training in the school system, the clinicians at Green Leaf are especially equipped to navigate an educational environment. Our clinicians observe in the classroom and can provide feedback about the learning environment. We provide our clients with ongoing support and consultation services, including answering questions, providing recommendations for next steps, drafting emails, or attending multi-disciplinary meetings. Meetings with school administrators can be daunting and parents may quickly feel outnumbered and under-prepared. Our clinicians have the experience and skills necessary to effectively collaborate with all members of the educational team, keeping the learner's best interest as the number one priority at all times.

Educational Consultation

This meeting is useful as a stand-alone conversation or a first step down the path to achieving academic success. Whether you are faced with a difficult decision (i.e., when to start kindergarten, finding the right academic setting) or trying to address challenges in an educational environment, we are here to help. Many different issues can impact learning, such as, differences in learning styles, anxiety, or behavioral or social-emotional challenges. We take a comprehensive approach and consider functioning in school as well as other settings. We strive to help everyone involved gain a better understanding of the current circumstances and make recommendations for next steps on the road to success!