Assisted Reproduction 

There are many ways to build a family. Green Leaf clinicians have specialized knowledge and expertise in the use of assisted reproductive technologies. Our consultations are not intended to be evaluative, but instead our goal is to bring to mind important points to consider, both now and over they course of your family's lifetime. This is also a time for you to ask questions. We will share recommendations based on the most current research. Most often our clients find these sessions to be informative, helpful, and a valuable part of the process. 

At Green Leaf we offer the following services:

Egg donor evaluation
Gestational surrogate evaluation
Consultation to donate embryos
Consultation for use of an egg donor (anonymous or known)
Consultation for use of donated embryos (anonymous or known)
Consultation for use of a gestational carrier (anonymous or known)


Growing your family can be a painful process. Waiting month after month can be infuriating and consuming. Infertility is a path often marked by repeated setbacks, difficult decisions, and uncomfortable medications, procedures, and side-effects. Intended parents often feel disappointed and isolated. At Green Leaf, we support families on this journey and help them to live valuable and enjoyable lives while also trying to have a baby. 

Miscarriage and Neonatal Loss

Loss of life is devastating. Parents who undergo these experiences are faced with grieving not only the loss of life, but also the loss of the life they hoped for. The grief process becomes compounded when the loss was life-threatening to the mother. Not only does the family have to come to terms with loss of life, but also cope with the trauma that happened to the mother. Cultural pressures may tell parents to "move on," or "try again," but often these messages can do more harm than good, despite best intentions. Parents who have experienced loss often find themselves incredibly challenged when trying to have another child. What may otherwise be a joyous time may now be terrifying, and looking forward toward the future may be confusingly mixed with grief over the past. We help parents in these circumstances learn to engage with their emotions so they can move through the grief process in a way that is healthy and productive, make decisions about next steps, and cope with fears and uncertainty about the future.