Our psychological and physical health are deeply intertwined. Our physical health has a tremendous impact on our psychological well-being. Exercise has an enormous effect on our mood, and lifestyle behaviors, such as diet, sleep, and proper medication management, play into how well we are able to tolerate everyday stressors and frustrations. For women, our body's natural rhythms can greatly impact how we experience our environments. Indeed, the reverse it true as well. Our psychological health relates to our physical well-being. Chronic stress can have a detrimental impact on our bodies and exacerbate medical conditions. At Green Leaf, our clinicians take an integrated approach to helping our clients achieve fulfillment and target physical health as well as psychological goals. 

Medical Conditions

A chronic health condition or other serious medical illness can have a tremendous impact on a person's life. It can impair an individual's ability to work, engage in meaningful activities, and affect relationships with loved ones. Green Leaf clinicians help people in these circumstances cope with painful emotions and find value and meaning in their lives - regardless of the circumstances. 

In some instances, individuals may be surprised to find that even after they have recovered physically, they still feel sadness or even depression and anxiety related to their illness. This is not uncommon. We help people develop a healthy relationship with their emotional experiences so they can move through these emotions and feel good again! 

health conditions of unknown origin

Sometimes people experience physical conditions that are difficult to understand from a medical perspective. Oftentimes people experience changes in their behavior or functioning that are of an unknown medical origin or may have been referred to as a "functional neurological disorder (FND)". In many cases people have seen multiple medical providers and it may have even been suggested that the condition is psychiatric in nature. Even though it may never be known with certainty what is causing the condition, at Green Leaf we work with people to develop strategies to increase their functioning, reduce their symptoms, and help them develop skills to manage stress and anxiety that may be making their symptoms worse. 


Caring for a loved one with medical needs can be tremendously burdensome and life-altering. At Green Leaf, we work with caregivers to help them cope with these challenges, set appropriate limits, and learn how to engage in the self-care they need in order to be there for others.