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Every person has a unique combination of innate abilities and learned skills that shape their learning style and educational experience. Whereas, some children may master new skills easily, other may struggle. My goal is to understand the individual's challenges and strengths in order to create a personalized action plan. Defining a learner's obstacles requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach. Once the puzzle pieces come together, the information is invaluable! The next step is to develop a plan that incorporates evidence-based strategies which can be implemented across all environments. We will arm you with the tools necessary to facilitate maximum learning potential. My goals is to move every individual down a path of positive change and growth and make learning an engaging and fulfilling adventure.  

Natalie Steffen

(925) 386-6034

CA License LEP 3587

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Past Educational Positions

School Psychologist
San Marcos Unified School District

School Psychologist Intern
San Marcos Unified School District

Classroom Interventionist
Springall Academy

Education and Training

Graduate Eduction
M.Ed., School Psychology - Alliant International University

Undergraduate Education
B.A., Psychology - San Diego State University