Green Leaf clinicians specialize in unique needs of women, especially moms. We know the challenges of motherhood, firsthand, and how important it is for mom to get her needs met. The transition to motherhood can be difficult. Sometimes having a baby isn't what we thought it would be. New moms often may feel down, anxious, and/or alone. Even for more seasoned moms, so many are overwhelmed trying to keep up with the endless list of demands and become discouraged and critical of themselves. We help moms get their needs met and teach them how to enjoy their time with their children, feel good about themselves, and demonstrate healthy habits to their kids!

Personal growth

At various times in life we find ourselves dissatisfied with where we are. Maybe it's a job, a partner, a friendship, family, or maybe you just feel stuck. We help our clients find satisfaction in their lives. A Green Leaf clinician will work with you to learn what is most meaningful to you in life and help you to achieve it.  When what we do in a day lines up with what's most important to us, we feel fulfilled. 

The journey through life is marked by seasons. Whether it's transition to adulthood, marriage, motherhood, or an empty nest, many times our lives we find ourselves on the brink of a new beginning. Even though this may be a welcome change, transitions are as much letting go of the past as they are welcoming the future.